A famous quote by Philip Kotler that reads-  “Marketing is not the art of finding clever ways to dispose of what you make, it is the art of creating genuine customer value”. As marketing changed from art of marketing to the new definition of ‘science of marketing’, highlighting the avenues of customer insights.

Data warehousing creates a level of trust and confidentiality from the customer. It empowers a brand to study the intense insights favoring our business strategies. Our concept of product and services completes with a business cycle, piloting in the market that has arised from various customer behaviors.  The scientific big data carves customers in niche segments, strengthening a marketing outline before launch of promotions. Interrogations on a consumer behavior is determined from surveys, feedback they share on your services and products. This we define as the VOC (voice of customer), for we believe that a customer centric approach is what drives the organizational profits and increases customer retention and loyalty.

We at TVB Global aim at transforming your business, to create an everlasting impact on the customer by using conventional and impeccable technologies of collecting feedback, interacting, communicating and and addresses to responses on products and services. Customers tend to voice out their opinions through mediums with the multi channel options which they feel comfortable with. We have to watch and ensure all digital media, traditional media, feedback channels are interlinked at one insight and analytical center.  We observe minute inputs daily, compile to dashboards, offer relevant action plans and amplify a communication creating the expected value. We make it possible for a brand to open feedback and two way communication with customers.

Hence, a transparent feedback accelerates the strengthening of a relationship and plays a pivotal role to shape these opinions and convince them to be loyal as brand advocates. The rapidly increasing digitization with its starry appearance has authoritatively taken over the mind of customers and they are faced with plethora of choices. To refrain from misleading and lost channels, creating confusion and make them turn them away from a brand and crushing their loyalty. We step in to bring these customers back and retain them by insights in their altering needs and patterns.