At TVB Global we concentrate on customer and business relationships. Loyalty is the new vertical of marketing extending an arm of support to the high value acquired business with variant plethora of customers who either do business already with your company or are eager to repeat business with a relationship stimulation with Recency, frequency and value (RFV) congruence as a vast and strong loyal customer community. The mandate for a marketing division is to lead their strategies towards

At TVB Global, our aim is to bring out the best in your business by following an enhanced and methodical approach towards building customer relationships, promote customer loyalty and support in customer retention.

Our services are reconditioned and in sync with the ever changing needs of a customer and on the other side we tend to understand the way businesses have evolved over time. We strive to match the differences and create a bridge of customer loyalty to keep both ends together.

Our service is a combination of an effective approach and viable strategy that yields in customer retention and customer loyalty.


Contact centers had been and continue to be the most rewarding mechanism when it comes to addressing customer needs.


Outbound communications attempts to initiate a quick response/sales for your products or services.


Our services help envelope customers in a positive environment and sustain an ecosystem that co-exists with customer loyalty and customer satisfaction.